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Welcome to Gourry's award page! You heard me right! I am now giving out awards to people. I will be handing them out every 1 or 2 months, it depends how many people want to win it. Below are the rules.

1.) You have to have a page about anime.
2.) You have to put the logo on the page if you win.
3.) You can try over and over again as much as you want(if you didn't win).
4.) Link back to the award page so other people can win (if you win).
5.) Err...ah...Good luck!

This is what the award looks like.

If you wanna enter, e-mail mewith your site url and a short reason of why you want this award. Remember, it can be about ANY type of anime, not just Slayers. Good Luck, and keep trying if you don't win!

*People who have won in the past*
No one! This is new!

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