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This area will contain lists about Gourry-dear. All these lists are made by myself so ask before you use them. These are also in no order at all.

Reasons why Gourry Rules/is Cool.
1.) He has the ultra-cool Sword of Light.
2.) He's stupid (not in a bad way, a lovable way).
3.) Even though Lina tortures him, he still puts up with her.
4.) He's nice to kids (Ok, your wondering where I got that. When he first saw Lina, he thought she was a kid. Figure the rest out for yourself.)
5.) He's one of the hottest anime charactors out there::drools:!

Bad Things About Gourry.

1.) He's stupid (can be good and bad at times).
2.) If he's draw wrong he looks a little bit like a girl.
3.) He can't use magic (I know swords kick a** but magic is just plain cool).
4.) He doesn't have a cape (I love capes).
5.) Extemely bad memory!

Stupid Things Gourry Says.
1.) W-w-white magic?
2.) It was a drag-on, get it?
3.) (refering to Lina) Oh, I thought it was some sort of school girl uniform.
4.) Lina, he's burning my bottom off!!
5.) Lina look, it''s what's his name (talking about Rezo)!

I'll put more lists and reasons up later! Feel free to give me reasons at: