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Ever seen the Slayers movie with some guy named Roudy Gabriel (Rowdy Gabrielf is what it'll say if you buy the sub. This is just a subbing error)? Or heard of some guy that looks like Gourry? Well here I'll put down my opinions of Roudy and Gourry. Remember that this is what I think. If you find out a fact that proves me wrong, feel free to tell me.

Roudy's hairstyle is almost the same as Gourry's. Roudy's hair is blue though. He even has a Sword of Light that looks much cooler than Gourry's too. The last names are very alike and several other things are similar. If you've seen the movie, you'd understand what I mean. If you haven't, your missing out.

We first see Roudy's in Lina's dream (not the dream from this picture). We only get to see him in Lina's dreams at first, but when Lina goes back in time, we see a lot more of him. You also see Roudy as in old man but, well...he's doesn't look too much like Gourry then. Roudy lived along time before Lina did (that's why she went back in time). So the differences are understandable. Roudy is a lot smarter than Gourry. He's also cuter. He reminds me of a mix between Rudy from the video game Wild Arms and Gourry. What do you think?