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*Why Gourry?*

The following are reasons why I made my shrine to Gourry and respones to stuff like "Gourry is so stupid".

1.) He's the main male character is the first two seasons and should get more attention.
2.) He's not really that dumb as more people say. There are actually times where he thinks. And once, I've even seen him read (1st season, 4th volume. "Lovely, Ameria's magic training". Near the begining when they walk in a place to get food, Gourry is reading a book).
3.) I've only seen one other shrine to Gourry and it wasn't really a shrine.
4.) With my Slayers page, at first, Gourry was in every single picture! Since some people don't like Gourry I took some of the images down and put up a shrine.
5.) He is NOT useless (someone actually said that to me^.^*). The Sword of Light is one of the best weapons in the show. Don't forget Lina needs it for Giga Slave.
6.) The more different shrine there is, the more people come (yes, that was actually a reason a made this place ^.^*)

You e-mail me saying something bad about Gourry, I will probably put my response here. If I remember another reason why I made this place, I will also put it.