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Welcome to my Gourry shrine! If you don't like Gourry, you can go to my Slayers site. Cecilia's Slayers Siteto see my Slayers page. This page will be dedicated to the one, the only, Gourry! Make yourself comfy and remember to come back soon as I get more pictures and sounds of our lovable swordsman.

Gourry's lists!Some lists about Gourry.
Why Gourry?Reason for why I made a shrine to Gourry and answers to what some people say (say something bad about Gourry and my response will be here).
Gourry Sounds!As the name says...Gourry Sounds (I really outta make buttons soon)!
Gourry ImagesWarning: this page *might* take awhile to load.
Gourry's Award! I'm now handing out an award! Best part is, your site doesn't hafta be able Slayers to win (just anime).
Roudy GabrielRemember the Gourry look- alike? Warning: may contain spoilers.
Ask Gourry a Question!Gourry knows everything! If you have a question, just ask him!

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